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I knew from my achievements in paid employment (where my ability to use spreadsheet automation to solve MANY data handling/analysis and report generation problems led to significant recognition/career advancement opportunities) that Google sheets very many businesses would find custom spreadsheet solutions development a cost-effective alternative to expensive off-the-shelf applications.

So the challenge stared me in the face: How was I to get the serious ATTENTION and INTEREST of my prospective clients(who did not BELIEVE I could help them), to the extent that they would develop a DESIRE to ADOPT the solutions I offered? That was when I realised I needed to think up ways to IDENTIFY their FELT NEEDS. In other words, I had to find out : What were the issues/problems that “troubled” or “limited” or”challenged” them the most which they would be GLAD to be rid of or have resolved EVEN if for a FEE?

So I began “studying” the different target groups I believed could find my services potentially beneficial but who did NOT know it. I thought about people who had to handle large amounts of business data frequently for recording, analysis and/or report generation purposes. I identified relevant job titles for different organisational types. Then I paid some of them visits over a number of weeks making cold calls, during which time I asked questions(and looked around a lot at records, procedures etc) till I learnt what aspects of their work were most cumbersome and had potential for “improvement”.

Using what I had learnt, I re-crafted my Elevator Speech, modified the working of my generic introduction letter template, and updated my spreadsheet solutions development service website ( [http:// <a target=]”> accordingly. Most importantly. I sat down and built a number of small demo applications which catered for some of the “problems” I now knew many of my target audience were likely to NEED solutions to.

Armed with copies of my generic ?Intro-letter? and duplicated autorun business marketing CDROMs of the demo applications(PLUS my flash drive containing other sample workbooks, video demonstrations etc), I hit the road with new found energy and a greatly improved sense of purpose/direction.

The Result – Although it did not happen immediately, and quite a lot of it came only AFTER weeks of heart-breaking struggles refining my approach so as to overcome repeated rejections, I EVENTUALLY won projects with a hotel, then a hospital, an anglican church, plus two more hospitals over a course of about seven(7) consecutive months. This was apart from sales of a little spreadsheet application I made to business centers within the same period.

Next: Part 2 of 3- True Story Of How One Client Was Won Using “Felt-Needs” Oriented Marketing.

Self-Development/Performance Enhancement Specialist – Tayo Solagbade – works as a Multipreneur, helping individuals/businesses develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals, faster and more profitably.


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